Not Entirely Red by Faika AlHassan

Event :
Not Entirely Red by Faika AlHassan
Organizer :
Albareh Art Gallery
Date :
11th November 2012 to 7th December 2012
Venue :
Albareh Art Gallery
Description :

AlHassan will be showcasing a new body of artworks based on the concept of the " Fez" or " Tarboush" in Arabic. AlHassan explores the significance of the "Tarboush" as well as its meaning. It is a Mirror for thought..not entirely Red but covered by all the thoughts within. The silken threads dangle down the ground where humanity also exists while each tassel bears a thought that creates a more diverse and accepting humanity.

It may be a head cover, but it is not a cover for thought. It traveled from Athens to Istanbul as the symbol of a social class, settling in our cities to become a symbol of the diversity of human thinking everywhere. It does not signify a particular class, nor a tribe; it is humanity echoing, and not obscuring, thought with any kind of cover, even a fez.

Paintings as well as installation artworks will be showcased in this unique exhibition.

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