Calligraphy and Design workshop at abcad/Albareh

Event :
Calligraphy and Design workshop at abcad/Albareh
Organizer :
Albareh Art Gallery
Date :
24th February 2013 to 26th February 2013
Venue :
Albareh Art Gallery
Description :

We would like to announce the following workshop that will be given by jordanian typographer Hussein Alazaat at abcad/Albareh from the 24th until the 26th of February,2013. Please find below some information about the workshop and the announcement. Seats are limited to 12 participants only.

Calligraphy & Design workshop

Design has become a need more than a want and is therefore emerging as an important element of our daily life. When design starts to interact with the Arabic calligraphy the result is powerful. In fact Arabic Calligraphy have motivated many designers to produce endless design and motifs.This workshop targets graphic designers, fashion designers, product designers and architects. It will allow them to explore and practice the modern treatments of Arabic calligraphy in their designs, and will increase the importance of using the correct forms of calligraphy in each design work.

Main Objectives of the workshop

To Reflect upon the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and typography.
To be introduced to the techniques of combining Arabic calligraphy with art and design.
Define the usages of Arabic Calligraphy as a contemporary art form.
Briefly look at the development of calligraphy throughout history, and propose methods to develop it.
Explore closely the main forms and rules behind creating a successful typographical work such as: font faces, logos, .
Exercise a real-life experiment to form a successful typographical work such as: font faces, logos and lettering for any product.


Every participant will be should bring the following tools and equipments:
Personal laptop, with an Installed version of Adobe Illustrator CS5

Seats are Limited so early reservation is highly recommended.
email us at

BD 150/-

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