“Shanty” Project by Contemporary Saudi Artist Faisal Samra

Event :
“Shanty” Project by Contemporary Saudi Artist Faisal Samra
Organizer :
Albareh Art Gallery
Date :
20th May 2012
Venue :
Albareh Art Gallery
Description :

Bahrain, May 2012: Albareh presents "Shanty" the latest project by popular contemporary Saudi artist, Faisal Samra. The presentation will take place at abcad/ Albareh, Sunday 20 May 2012, Press Conference at 11 am, and for the Public at 7 pm.Faisal Samra takes on the universal and very actual issue of the urban isolation of the underprivileged classes, which he casts in his unique perspective through a life-sized video installation and a series of diptychs, all baptized "Shanty".

Samara‟s new project will shed the light on one of the important issues facing the world and that is the presence of slums or "Shanties". The Poverty prevailing in the Shanty and the lack of freedom could be the source of many of the problems facing us now a day such as the presence of Mafias and the emergence of terrorism.

Also as primary materialization of this phenomenon, the artist observes the confines of these closed worlds brimming with misery and precariousness. But the artist‟s primary concern was to invest the identity sphere of poverty, by drawing attention to individuals attempting to break the wall of silence between the social layers of the city. Samra takes the view that Multinationals and world economies should unite internationally and play a role to solve this international problem.
It is of note that the artist immersed himself in the daily life of his characters for several weeks.

Faisal Samra
Born in Bahrain, in 1956, Faisal Samra graduated with honors from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He worked as a stage designer for Saudi television, before joining the Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris) as an art and graphic design consultant. From 2003 he taught in the Fine Arts department of the Amman University in Jordan as well as the Faisal Samra Studio in Bahrain. In 2005, he began an artist residency in Paris, at the Cite Internationaldes Arts. Having lived and worked in Paris, New York, Beirut, and spent time in Morocco and the far-east, Samra describes himself as a „nomad wandering through time‟. Immersion in these various cultures participates in the diversity reflected in his art. His work is a criticism of a visual culture imposed by the mass media, advertisements or political communication and demonstrates the artist‟s opposition to their large-scale manipulation.

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